Sunday, August 03, 2008

Quote of the day

"I think it's the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic attitude toward sexuality, which I think has evolved into a vehicle for severely messing with peoples' minds. Sure, there might be some benefit (like preventing the birth of unwanted childrem add preventing the spread of STDs) to have an ideal of chastity and confining sexual activity to monogamous married couples. But our Bible and Koran thumpers go far beyond that in that they treat this code of sexual behavior as the the primary aspect of morality, and they are far more punitive about it than they are about other, more serious sins.

I believe that this attitude is what leads to the more serious violations that really are a problem -- the perpetrators, had they lived in a society with more healthy views about sex, might have found sexual outlets other than molestation. I'm not saying that frumdom should adopt a philosophy of "anything goes," but maybe they need to be a little more tolerant of people who fall short and stumble. The community is certainly tolerant of people who commit lashan hara, not that they say lashon hara is permitted, but they don't ostracize someone for committing it. In the same way, they don't have to say premarital sex is OK, but they don't need to go ballistic because some young couples might lose control. It's not the end of the world if you eat a little pork, so why should it be the end of the world if you get laid?

(Speaking of pork, I've never heard of a rabbi forbidding Jews from shopping at supermarkets where treif is sold, but yet they go bonkers about the internet and movies, becuase of the "porn." Tell me, what's the difference between being on the internet, with porn freely available, and shopping at the Safeway, with pork freely available?


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